Romance Books: Why Do Vampire Stories Are So Popular Nowadays?

Romance BooksMan is a socially explicit being, who needs to have a constant and active interaction with his surroundings. It is not always important, that we have to interact with the living beings of the environment only. But, most of the times we interact with the non living or intangible parts of the environment also. Man is a busy bee, who works for the major time span of his life, but along with career pressures and work hassles some recreation is also necessary and important.

When it comes to recreation of a stressed up mind, people opt for various free willed activities. Or more preferably people consider taking up their hobbies to feel rejuvenated. Painting, photography, singing, writing, reading or carrying out any other outdoor activity renders the mind fresh and happy.

Reading is becoming one of the most exercised hobbies by people across the globe. Books have become the best companion of each and every person. People who do not have many friends, or who are socially inactive or introvert by nature always find solace in the crisp pages of books.

Since a long time now, books have been written, published and read. In the ancient times books were mainly painting dominated where words were not used and the whole story was depicted with pictures and actions. But with the advent of human mind, languages were given birth and eventually books were actually written. Then with the invention of a printing press, books began to be published and read all over the world.

Books are a mini world in themselves. They encapsulate all emotions, themes, genres and knowledge in them. No external force is required to give a pump start to the habit of reading books. And not only this, people from all age groups, all religions, all nations and all sexes have one thing in common between them, and that is the habit of reading.

Research shows that out of ten people, almost nine people are engaged with the habit of reading. And this habit of reading sprouts in the children aged ten to eleven. Young children start with the reading of fairy tales and story books. And eventually this reading sprout germinates to become a big plush tree of prolonged reading spree.

Books are of varied genres: fictional, non fictional, autobiographies and much more. But as far as popularity is considered books belonging to fictional genre are read more and preferred more. Fictional books are basically encompassed with non real or imagination based stories which can be of romantic, action, space or gothic origin. Books have become a major part of every individual’s life. They are now not only reading for the purpose of mere entertainment, but they are even reading for education, academics and knowledge purposes too.

Books belonging to the gothic origin have gained farfetched favouritism since a decade now. Gothic books are basically a blend of supernatural or animal like origins along with a hint of romanticisms. These romance books along with a hint of horror in them have gained a lot of readers owing to the suspense, themes and characters they have in them.

Specifically, vampire stories have become a lot more popular as compared to any other book in town. These vampire stories are basically romance stories with a hint of animal based horror in them which creates a huge amount of horror, suspense and thrill in the readers. Vampire books have gained preference over other books because the existence of vampires and ware wolves have always been a matter of concern by many people.

For centuries together, it was duly believed that cursed people turn into vampires and wolves on a full moon night. But irrespective of these facts, interracial romance books are loved and accepted widely.

Human mind likes to get threatened and feel scared at times. The hint of goose bumps ranging your skin feels amazing when the human mind is fully aware of the fact that the thing that scares them does not exist in reality. The brain imagines certain scenes and sequences while reading and this is one reason why these novels are read all over.

Additionally vampires are funny and interesting characters. They allure the readers with their interesting characteristics, dressing styles and the fact that they drink blood is very attention seeking. A veritable reader while reading such vampire stories would definitely imagine a character dressed up in a black and red gown, roaming around to quench his thirst for blood.

Vampires are a blend of savagery and elegance. These vampire books present characters who basically are thirst for blood and are savage’s, but at the same time these people when in disguise are extremely elegant, powerful and alluring. Considering the fact that even if they are scary, but their human side is full of charm and regal. Not only this, these new romance books are now embedded with new features and sequences of love between the cursed and the pure.

Moreover, excessive romance and fake reality is also not cherished and admired by the readers. Other books can be a bit monotonous and stereotypical. But the vampire books can never lose their thrill and charming suspense. This is one reason that they are preferred more.
One of the coolest things that these vampire books renders the readers with is the question of mortality. People all over the world question their mortality, and each of them longs to live forever. But these books actually show them the reality that nobody is born for eternity and that death is inevitable.

Apart from this, the increasing demand of vampire stories is basically dependant on choice, temperaments and fashions prevailing in the minds of readers. Not only this, these teen romance books are also found online at extremely affordable prices. One an easily find these books in the romance books online section.